2010-03-08 08:56:45 by SgtBash-RF3000

I'm not making anything new because I am lazy and boring.


2009-07-11 03:08:27 by SgtBash-RF3000

I'm actually making a flash again? It's probably not going to suck? WAT!?


2008-06-14 14:49:01 by SgtBash-RF3000

I've been tied up making a nonsense flash for my friend whos going off to college this year and various other projects so I don't expect to be working on a serious flash yet. wait I dont have any fans why am i writing this?

Merry Christmas

2007-12-25 12:21:52 by SgtBash-RF3000

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good flash.

"My newgrounds fad"

2007-12-23 21:22:25 by SgtBash-RF3000

As soon as i saw the My Newgrounds movie on the top rated submissions list, I knew it would happen. I'm tired of all these lame ass idiots and 11 year olds who post up a copycat submission with their shitty webcams, shitty flash "skills", and shitty attempts at being as funny as the original. C'mon people, this isn't fucking youtube. and actually... why am i using this blog to bitch like it is myspace? OMFG THE INTERNET IS MORPHING INTO ONE SUPERSITE TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!

Happy birthday to me!

2007-12-20 22:51:21 by SgtBash-RF3000

First off, happy birthday to me. My friend Adam, he gave me a birthday present at school. I walked into my first period class to find a large box wrapped in newspaper. I saw that it was from him, so I tested it's wieght to make sure it wasn't an empty box. It wasn't too heavy but much heavyer than i expected. I opened my box to find that it contained a stack of newspapers, and a log. yes, he gave me a LOG.

What rolls down stairs alone or in pairs
Rolls over your neighbor's dog?
What's great for a snack and fits on your back?
It's Log, Log, Log!

It's Log, Log, it's big, it's heavy, it's wood.
It's Log, Log, it's better than bad, it's good!
Everyone wants a log! You're gonna love it, Log!
Come on and get your log! Everyone needs a Log!

also, today was an epic day. I got my birthday/christmas present combined into one... A Wacom Intuos3 6x8 tablet! haha, finally! I'm still getting used to it but i am already animating faster and better with some test messing around animations.

A message to my American bastard friends. Do not resist Glorious Peoples Republic of China. We is not enemy, your government brainwashes you with propaganda and make you wishing to fight us. Our technology be power and great leaders. quick! overthrow bush government yourselves and to us surrender, for justice and peace.

waning to capitalist foolish

Ding Ding! I'm a rock.

2007-11-26 19:43:36 by SgtBash-RF3000

I sort of like this new bastard child of myspace and newgrounds. I can post shit for my friends to see, or just whoever comes here. I'm not arrogant enough to think anyone besides them cares about my flash at all at the moment, but i'll post updates anyway.

Lately I've been working on my technique and just making test random animations and discarding them. (without submitting them to NG saying "HAY GUYZ LOOK WAT I MAKE GIV ME COMENT HOW I IMPROVE PLZ NO BLAM WITHOUT WATCHING ENTIRE THING VOTE FIVE".) As far as my christmas movies going, I keep redoing the parts I've already completed and it looks better every time I put in a couple hours long work session. Expecting it to be done way ahead oftime so it will be ready to submit christmas eve.

I'm back biatches

2007-11-19 03:28:57 by SgtBash-RF3000

Right now me and my buddy Keatonguy are working on a movie called "How Sgt.Bash Stole Crysis" as a Christmas special. its about my angst upon not having the cash to buy crysis on its release date. in the movie i go emo and then psychotic. i wont give it away though, you'll have to wait for it.

I've been trying to fit newgrounds in lately. things are really crazy. I got one of those things called a social life and thats a real pain in the ass sometimes, but it's great to have something that 80% of the people you talk to dont have (no offense guys).

regained lvl 17 that i must have lost in my absence, ya! only 4-5 weeks before my next level hooray... and getting closer to those naked pics of tom, oh my.